Feedback on schools programmes

"This organisation has been regularly delivering classes for many years and I have always been most impressed with the high quality and the passion and commitment of Sanjuro's instructors, in particular their Chief Instructor, Glenn".

Sport & Physical Activity Commissioning Manager

"Not what I was expecting”.  “It was perfect, a great mix of practical and role play”.  “I feel much more street aware now”.  “Where can I find my nearest Sanjuro class”.

“Something the students and the teachers look forward to. The combination of music and movement really gets us ready for the day. A great way to get us all active”.

"the Lead Inspector from last week’s OFSTED inspection observed a session and thought it was excellent and demonstrated students being confident, engaging and responsive".

“Our young people were feeling very happy after the Sanjuro session. They said it was ‘amazing’, ‘really fun’ and they thought the music was great. One girl said she really appreciated the independent/leadership element where she got to hold the pads and coach someone else.”

Activities Co-ordinator, Body & Soul

Outside of our regular class schedule, we offer a range of bespoke classes and workshop formats for individuals, groups, and companies for all ages and abilities.  To ensure accessibility, we can also work within a set budget to suit your organisation's or individual needs.

For more information or to discuss a programme especially for your needs please contact:

Anita Yiannoullou
Company Director
m. +447973 571 921

For more information specific to grading, instructor development programmes and other professional qualifications please contact:

Glenn Delikan

Sanjuro's Chief Instructor

m. +447779 249 469


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