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Corporate Well-being

Corporate clients like the range of class formats / workshops we can offer making us one of the most fully inclusive physical activity providers around at an affordable cost. Whether you want to get your people active to reap the rewards of a fitter workforce, engage them in a team building workshop or offer them a development path which can offer volunteering opportunities within the Local community we can help.  Our staff are knowledgeable and professional with years of experience in the corporate sector.

Corporate fitness: a multi-format offer with its foundation in martial art methods and philosophy and can include a mix of the following to appeal to a wider number of employees:

DanceCombat: martial art fitness class using music

Self defence workshops: a positive & practical approach to keeping safe

Sanjuro drills: strength & stamina training using focus pads

One2one: private class, designed to meet the development needs of the individual

Deep breathing techniques: Martial art based for relaxation and stress relief

Therapeutic Massage: Improve body posture and relieve tension

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