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Our child protection and welfare officer:


Anthony McKenzie 

Originally from a youth work background and with over 20 years working at special schools with responsibility for

manual handling and staff development. Anthony's martial arts experience comes from a Judo base, he started

supporting the Sanjuro programme in 2007 based at a school in North London, in 2008 he joined the Sanjuro

Instructor team. Anthony, is Sanjuro's Lead Child Protection Officer.


Awards - Anthony is a trained Holistic Therapist and is the founder of Reflection massage Ltd


Best bit about Sanjuro - Anthony has a special interest in incorporating within Sanjuro sessions movement,

British sign language and Makaton, massage and its therapeutic impact on people with Special Education Needs


Best bit about being an Instructor - supporting people to learn to help themselves

Safeguarding policy

Safe Practice policy

All Policies, procedures and supporting information are available here


Lead Safeguarding / Welfare Officer: 

Anthony McKenzie

Sanjuro Welfare / safeguarding Officer 

M: 07931 576 220


Safeguarding Code Annual Health Check_Annual Health Check Certificate - Sanjuro Martial Ar
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