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Introducing some of our instructors & volunteers



Glenn F. Q. Delikan - 

Sanjuro's Chief Instructor has over 30 years of martial art and instructor experience (teaching nearly every day!).

Glenn is responsible for developing all Sanjuro classes, workshops and development programmes and training and

assessing all Sanjuro Instructors


AQA Programme writer - Ensures that Sanjuro participants can develop and gain recognised qualifications


Awards - Over the years Glenn has been recognised for his work in making martial arts accessible for everyone

egardless of age and ability


Philosophy - translating martial arts into everyday life for the benefit of the mind, body and soul


Best bit about being an Instructor - helping people realise their own potential 


Anita Yiannoullou -

Sanjuro's Company Director and a senior Instructor. Anita is responsible for the development of partnerships that help

make Sanjuro accessible to as many people as possible


Best bit about Sanjuro - empowering people through practical martial art skills and knowledge


Best bit about being an instructor - sharing in peoples joy, as they realise they can do whatever they positively

set their mind to do 


Anthony McKenzie 

Originally from a youth work background and with over 20 years working at special schools with responsibility for

manual handling and staff development. Anthony's martial arts experience comes from a Judo base, he started

supporting the Sanjuro programme in 2007 based at a school in North London, in 2008 he joined the Sanjuro

Instructor team. Anthony, is Sanjuro's Lead Child Protection Officer.


Awards - Anthony is a trained Holistic Therapist and is the founder of Reflection massage Ltd


Best bit about Sanjuro - Anthony has a special interest in incorporating within Sanjuro sessions movement,

British sign language and Makaton, massage and its therapeutic impact on people with Special Education Needs


Best bit about being an Instructor - supporting people to learn to help themselves


Issachar Green 

Has trained with Sanjuro since he was 8 years old 


Best bit about Sanjuro - Always learning and being able to support the youth classes


Best bit about being a junior Instructor/volunteer - I enjoy the positive class atmosphere and it's fun


Sanjuro Martial Arts beat off the heavyweight competition to pick up the prestigious

gong at the London Sport Awards, much to the delight of their company director

and trainer, Anita Yiannoullou.


Ms Yiannoullou said: “We are just a small family team, so it feels really good. What is nice is

that it is recognition for martial arts. It is fantastic to get that recognition, it is always nice to get

endorsement, and it is great for our students too.

“We were formed in 2001 out of a traditional martial arts club but now we do more community

work. We work with schools, including with disabled children. We adjust our martial arts to fit

the trainee.


“We have young kids who train, and people as old as 80.  We teach through storytelling, through music and dance, self-defence classes, but we treat everyone the same. That dedication, that is probably why we won.”


The ceremony was attended by over 400 guests from the world of sport, politics and business, with the winners of eight awards covering all grassroots sport in London were selected from more than 300 nominees.


Award winners were selected by a panel of experts chaired by Olympic rower Sarah Winckless, who said: “Judging this year’s London Sport Awards really showed how much outstanding grassroots sport takes place in London on a daily basis.
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