Primary School Programme

Sanjuro has worked with 100s of primary school children and through our experiences we have found that learning through a combination of stories and physical movement accelerates learning and increases enjoyment. As a result we have developed a series of Sanjuro animal stories that in addition to improving fitness, balance and co-ordination, will help teach basic anatomy, physiology and nutrition and encourages discussion around the effects our actions have on others.  All Sanjuro animal stories are AQA accredited. The first in the Sanjuro animal series is Mantis

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Fitt-in has been developed by Sanjuro to offer online short burst activity videos for the classroom.

These easy to access videos get primary pupils moving with easy to follow on screen visuals that instantly engage them. It’s simple, safe and tailored to the classroom for inclusive participation.

Click here to visit the Fitt-in website

Outside of our regular class schedule, we offer a range of bespoke classes and workshop formats for individuals, groups, and companies for all ages and abilities.  To ensure accessibility, we can also work within a set budget to suit your organisation's or individual needs.

For more information or to discuss a programme especially for your needs please contact:

Anita Yiannoullou
Company Director
m. +447973 571 921

For more information specific to grading, instructor development programmes and other professional qualifications please contact:

Glenn Delikan

Sanjuro's Chief Instructor

m. +447779 249 469


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