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Get Out Get Active (GOGA) is a programme that runs across the UK. We support disabled and non-disabl

Through Activity Alliance’s Get Out Get Active (GOGA) programme, Haringey Council are working with local delivery providers to engage young people in the most deprived parts of the Borough, including those affected by violence or crime.

As part of this programme, Activity Alliance teamed up with Haringey Council to conducted research to understand the qualities, behaviours, and attitudes of key activity deliverers and community leaders in Haringey. Using key findings and recommendations from the research, we worked with Haringey Council and disabled people to create a new Get Out Get Active resource on inclusive workforce practices.

The resource highlights ten ways organisations, providing physical activity, can create an inclusive workforce for disabled people and encourage more disabled people into employment.

Visit to find out more about the programme (opens in a new window).

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