Learning and development path

Development starts at Primary school with Sanjuro's series of animal stories. The first in the series is Mantis and each animal story builds on the previous animal's learning. A great introduction to nutrition and physical movement for children of primary school age. This series can be part of your school's PE, enrichment or after school club offer.


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Personal and Professional Development

All Sanjuro grades test to ensure that the individual has the required level of knowledge, understanding and proficiency required for the grade awarded within the Sanjuro training system. Unless you want to teach, there is no requirement to take a Sanjuro grade to continue your development, as there is no hierarchical system of knowledge and everyone trains the same way, to the best of their own abilities.

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“As a sports development graduate and a martial arts instructor I have been on a number of sports coaching courses over the years and none come close to the experience of and gained on this course, it is like no other. The fresh approach to coaching and the energy and enthusiasm inherited through this course simply changes the way you coach to be more all encompassing and adaptable to be able to cope and be prepared for almost any situation" - Christian

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Sanjuro Fight Unarmed Combat Modules Overview

The Sanjuro Film Fight Unarmed Combat Skills modules are designed to give actors the ability to be confident and look good when performing unarmed combat sequences. 

These modules are for all new and experienced actors looking to further their understanding of the physical dynamics of martial art techniques and what looks visually true to help add to the storyline and another layer to the character’s personality.

Attendance of the modules will help actors to better understand martial art technique and the impact that the character’s personality has on what techniques are used in a fight scene. The physical ability of the actor is also key and there will be plenty of opportunity to find the right movements for each actor to deliver visually good techniques each time.

Glenn Delikan, has over 30 years experience as both a student and Instructor in various fight disciplines and has worked across theatre, TV and motion capture.  His knowledge and instructional ability has helped to prepare actors for key roles and to develop choreographed fight sequences.  

Glenn’s understanding of what is required of an actor to deliver a choreographed fight sequence that remains true to the storyline and the characters is a key element in all Sanjuro un-armed Combat modules.

The learning strips away the myths surrounding this type of training and simply teaches the 'core’ knowledge & skills so that students can confidently prepare and perform their own movie or theatre coordinated fights in a safe, professional manner.  

Subjects covered include

Understand the generic techniques and tactics common to all martial arts

Extensive practice of techniques and their application and modification to individual need  

Considerations and Planning of a choreographed fight for various “stereotypical’ characters or story-lines through role play

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