"This organisation has been regularly delivering classes for many years and I have always been most impressed with the high quality and the passion and commitment of Sanjuro's instructors, in particular their Chief Instructor, Glenn".  Sport & Physical Activity Commissioning Manager

Sanjuro Primary School Programme

Sanjuro has worked with 100s of primary school children and through our experiences we have found that learning through a combination of stories and physical movement accelerates learning and increases enjoyment. As a result we have developed a series of Sanjuro animal stories that in addition to improving fitness, balance and co-ordination, will help teach basic anatomy, physiology and nutrition and encourages discussion around the effects our actions have on others.  All Sanjuro animal stories are AQA accredited. The first in the Sanjuro animal series is Mantis


Sanjuro Secondary Schools & Disability Programme

Our youth programme is aimed at 11-18 year olds and up to 24 years for disabled young people and young people with special educational needs and associated learning difficulties. Since 2005 we have been running a successful schools, colleges & youth programme. Our experience and unique layering system of instruction allows us to work with people of all abilities within a professional and positive environment. We work with children from 6 years with no upper age limit. People we work with include: people with Downs Syndrome, Autism, have visual impairments, or use wheelchairs.

Sanjuro Instructors are deaf aware and Anthony, one of Sanjuro's instructors uses BSL and Makaton in class and so deaf or hard of hearing young people looking for this communication are welcome to his classes. 

We have offered female only self defence workshops, padwork sessions for teenagers, DanceCombat classes in the school holidays, the list is endless.


Sanjuro class formats include

DanceCombat - Fitness class that uses martial arts movement & music to engage & motivate students

Self defence - fundamental & comprehensive formats are offered in these practical workshops where the emphasis is on staying safe.  All instruction is taught in a positive environment

Film, fight, fitness - Introduction to fight choreography and the basics of key software to create a short film

 Martial art history, technique & philosophy workshops


"Not what I was expecting”.  “It was perfect, a great mix of practical and role play”.  “I feel much more street aware now”.  “Where can I find my nearest Sanjuro class”.

Sanjuro class feedback from various secondary school students


“Something the students and the teachers look forward to. The combination of music and movement really gets us ready for the day. A great way to get us all active”.

Senior teacher, Primary school – enrichment & morning wake-up classes.





"If this class wasn’t on, Emma would be doing nothing. She’d be stuck indoors… It’s so important to them all. The staff really look after them and give them lots of encouragement. They allow younger brothers and sisters to join in, even the parents if they want to".

Parent, about a Sanjuro class for students with special needs, aged 14-24 year






References are available on request and you are always welcome to come along to a class to see for yourself the positive impact  Sanjuro classes have on all students, young or old and whatever their ability.

Special offers

All Sanjuro classes for schools cost £60 for one instructor per 45-60minutes class

For Self Defence workshops in schools please contact anita@sanjuromartialarts.com

Introductory Offer: 

We have a limited amount of funding that allows us to offer potential new clients a free 45 minutes taster class 

Multiple bookings offer:
Book 10 or more 45-60minutes classes to benefit from a reduced fee per class

For further details please visit our Contact page