"After years of martial arts training, I have finally found something that has improved my technique, increased my fitness level and most importantly introduced me to people who have now become some of my closest friends. All of this while having fun."


Sanjuro Martial Art

Sanjuro was developed to make Martial Arts and all of its positive benefits, to both mind and body, accessible to as many people as possible.  Uniquely, this system of learning fits around the individual.  Sanjuro understands that you can learn something from everyone and so there is no hierarchy in any class. Beginners and Black-belts from many styles all come together to train offering further development to the learning. Every class teaches the importance of controlled technique, correct application and plenty of practice through sparring. All students can choose between non-contact to light contact sparring.

For beginners - every individual is helped to find their own strengths & combat style within this flexible system

For existing Martial Artists - it offers a unique opportunity to train with people from other martial art systems/styles and add new skills, learn new techniques and train in a controlled environment


Sanjuro’s body conditioning system developed to improve all round fitness. It gets students fitter, increases flexibility, co-ordination, balance, and improves stamina and muscle tone.   Available to everyone,  it also offers a route to Sanjuro martial arts.

Music helps to engage & motivate with every student encouraged to choose the level of intensity right for them.

Our experience and unique layering system of instruction allows us to work with people of all abilities within a professional and positive environment.

Sanjuro Self Defence

Awareness of yourself and your surroundings
Recognising negative situations
Techniques of avoidance and escape

Workshop Overview

The A.R.T. Self Defence programme provides the knowledge to help people to reduce their chances of becoming victims of street crime. Also, through role play & practical drills people learn how to safely remove themselves from negative
 All instruction is taught professionally and in a positive environment

Sanjuro self defence workshops are taught around the four common elements present for street crime to happen:

Valuables on show - keep valuables out of site
Easy target - body language & awareness of your surroundings
Location - knowing your route and being able to identify and resolve potential problems
Flashpoint/Opportunist - instruction in basic self defence techniques

Workshop outcomes:

• Reduce the number of people experiencing street crime by studying the common elements required for it to happen
• To increase peoples confidence as they better understand the knowledge and skills they can use to stay safe
• Revisit key skills: to inc: planning your route, observation & assessment
• Through role play encourage debate and resolve common issues/problems

Lesson & subjects covered include:

Basic rules & precautions around keeping safe
Practical tuition on simple, basic martial arts techniques, avoidance and escape

The law regarding self defence

Special offers

Complimentary class - if you would like to try a Sanjuro Martial Art or DanceCombat class, then as a potential new member, you are welcome to one free class
Contact -  offers@sanjuromartialarts.com to book your free place

Self Defence workshops - fundamental (one-off 90 minutes workshop) & comprehensive formats (4 x 90 minutes workshops) are offered in these practical workshops where the emphasis is on staying safe

Offered to organisations for up to 10 members of staff. Female only sessions are also available

Each Self defence workshop is run for 90mins and costs £150

Corporate wellbeing workshops - fees are variable  based on the class format mix selected and available time and budget
Please contact Anita via our Contact page