Karate Kids
2010 Bafta nominated BBC documentary Karate Kids follows the friendship of two disabled children as they embark upon Sanjuro martial arts training with Glenn that changes their lives forever.

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Learning from the Masters
Currently in production, Learning from the Masters focuses on the lives of seven of the worlds top martial arts masters.


Film & Theatre

Fight co-ordination
Glenn and the Sanjuro fight co-ordination team have currently put together the fights for:

Second Life
Motion capture project involving the creation and performance of five separate fights for use by the Second Life avatars.

Legacy of the Gifted
A 3d manga style motion capture movie by Joseph Arumemi-ikhide.

A modern day take on a classic story for a Covent Garden production by Giles Foreman.


Sanjuro Film Fight: un-armed combat Module

“The character, an actor’s physical ability and the environment, influence the martial art techniques used in any choreographed un-armed fight and this understanding is what students will walk away with after attending a Sanjuro module” 
Glenn Delikan, Chief Instructor, Sanjuro Training Systems

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