Recognition and Reward July 2017

Reward and recognition happens in every class between the instructor and the students themselves and so building a community of support.  Students lead elements of the class, help to promote the class to their networks and ensure the smooth running of every club night at Bruce Grove.  The network of partners is essential to the experience of our young people and the partnership between the Youth Team at Bruce Grove, Sanjuro and Jackie Chan's Dragon Hearts Europe gets stronger with every year that passes.

The photos below highlight our end of year celebrations. Jackie Chan's team came along and presented all of our young people with their very own certificate in recognition of their personal development and support of the club over the last 12 months.  

Classes start again in September and if you are reading this and have not taken part in a Sanjuro class then please come along - we are sure that you will appreciate our warm welcome and enjoy the Sanjuro class. First classes back take place on Wednesday 13 September, 6-7pm for the Sanjuro Kick-boxing class, for 13-18 year olds and 7-8pm for the Sanjuro inclusion class. All welcome.